Roof Scams – What You Need to Know

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2015 saw a spike in the number and sophistication of roof-repair/roof-replacement scams within Perth and surrounding areas. The usual modus operandi is to target elderly, vulnerable residents with asbestos roofs and offer quick, inexpensive replacements. The scammers were also known to climb onto people’s roofs, damage them, and then offer to repair them. Once the money was in hand, however, these scammers would never return.

You can’t always avoid being a target, but you can prevent yourself being taken advantage of by remembering these things:

  1. The law states that only a 6% deposit can be requested. The Roof & Wall Doctor takes no deposit.
  2. Ask to see a tradesperson’s ABN, Insurances and Qualification Tickets.
  3. Ask for addresses of previous homes they have re-roofed/restored so you can do a drive-by/knock on that person’s door.
  4. The Home Builder’s Contract Act states that a builder must provide you with a copy of the Notice to Homeowner prior to you agreeing to any building work. Ask for it.
  5. If you feel in the least way uncomfortable, intimidated, or rushed, close the door and report the incident to local authorities.

For free advice and quotes throughout Perth and the Wheatbelt contact The Doc on (08) 9430 6553. You’ll be dealing with the owner of The Roof & Wall Doctor, not a salesperson.

New Life For An Asbestos Beach Cottage

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Renovate or demolish? That was the question for our client when it came to his rather run down but much loved holiday house in Shoalwater. Completely clad in asbestos, it was badly in need of a re-build or a smart make-over. Enter The Doc and his team.

With the structure sound there was no reason not to remove the entire asbestos roof, and all the walls, and re-clad them in Colorbond Ultra. Colorbond Ultra is recommended for any home within 200m of breaking surf. Our clients chose Surfmist for the walls and Deep Ocean for the roof. The results are stunning. Our client also chose to insulate the roof and walls with 55mm Building Blanket insulation. Pete and his team rocked this one. You won’t believe the ‘before’ and ‘after’ shots.

Do you have an asbestos roof or asbestos walls that need re-cladding in long lasting, light weight and stylish, Australian Bluescope Colorbond? Then call us now and make an appointment to meet The Doc for an obligation free written quote. And remember, at The Roof & Wall Doctor you deal with the owner of the company – not a sales person.
(The Roof & Wall Doctor Builders Reg No.: 13172 / Demolition Licence: 0037 / Worksafe Asbestos WARA 775)

Do You Know How Heavy Your Roof Is?

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Do you know how heavy your roof is? Why does it matter anyway?

Tile roofs are heavy. An unglazed clay tile roof can reach up to 80kg per m2 when wet. This weight, over time, causes ongoing, chronic structural issues with the building. As such we observe the beginning of cornices coming away from ceilings, cracking above windows and lintels, and degradation of the mortar used between original bricks. There is also the increased probability of bowing rafters as timbers come under increasing pressure from the roof weight.

If you are seeing signs of these sorts of structural problems, it may be time to consider removing the tiles and replacing them with the lightweight long-lasting solution of Australian made steel. A BlueScope Lysaght Colorbond or Zincalume roof weighs approximately 2 tonnes, immediately eliminating the possibility of reciprocal roof frame and wall deterioration to your home.
If you are interested in giving your home a value-enhancing facelift and rescuing the structure’s creaking bones prior to next year’s rains, now is the time to get your obligation free written quote from Kevin. At The Roof & Wall Doctor, you deal with the owner of the company every time, not a salesperson. So, call us today on 9430 6553.

Why Do I Need A Building Permit?

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Why do I need a Building Permit? Because it is required by law.

Lately, there has been a spike in renovation and building work being undertaken without the proper council permit approvals in place. This is particularly prevalent in the re-roofing industry as many people are unaware of their responsibilities in this regard and some roofing companies take advantage of this fact to avoid what they see as a time-consuming inconvenience.
However not having the appropriate Planning and Building permits in place prior to replacing your roof can be a costly exercise with retrospective approvals being more expensive and time-consuming than just getting all your ducks in a row at the beginning of the project.

It can seem like a daunting or confusing prospect. When is Planning approval required? When is Building approval required? When are both required? Are there color restrictions in my suburb? What if my house is in a Heritage Protection Zone? How can I source architectural drawings of my home? How do I find a Structural Engineer to design my tie downs? If you’re going to re-roof it’s worth doing it legally – an investment such as a new roof is worth protecting by having all aspects approved by your local Permit Authority, especially if you want to sell your property in the future.

The Roof & Wall Doctor will not only explain the approvals process to you, we will complete it for you. Prior to that first sheet of Australian made steel being laid you will have the absolute security of knowing every aspect of your job is legal and approved by your local council.

Because we take service seriously.

Going for roof replacement? Here is the complete process that you must know

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Tired of Ridge caps cracking? It should not be something to procrastinate or to ignore.  Such roofs can damage the most precious assets of yours and, i.e. you’re home. Also, many people prefer roof replacement for uplifting the value of their house in the market.  Roof Replacement can be a good option to change the look of your home as well. For smooth, professional and straightforward roof replacing service in Perth, Roof & Wall Doc is the best option to choose.

Roof Replacement Process: Steps to replace your roof

Well, most of the roof replacement requires a permit and these permits are given by council, shire or local Permit Authority. The very first step that the company will do is to get the paperwork done.  The Roof and Wall doc can handle everything to follow the Rules for Roof Replacement in Perth. Also, the process will be done on your behalf by the team so that you can focus on your work.

Step 1: Setting things up

After you call the Roof & Wall Doc in Perth for replacing your roof, you will get a crew which is experienced in work and had perfect knowledge.  The crew will cover the replacing area for safety and hassle-free job. Also, they will get a free space for working and getting ready for their next step.

Step 2:  Old Roof removing

Once the crew is ready, the next step is to remove the old roofing system that you have. They remove old shingles, rake edges, vents and dip edging. The crew of Roof & Wall Doc will make sure that everything is removed and clean for installing the new roof.

Step 3:  Old Roof disposing

Once everything is removed, the crew will dispose of all the waste material and dump them correctly. The team will collect all materials like old tiles, asbestos with Safely precaution and iron before they move toward the next step.

Step 4: repairing and inspection

Counted as best roof replacing team, they will do their inspections and repair before they apply the new roof. It’s crucial to eliminate the risk of future issues that can cause changes to replace or repair the rooftop more often.  Also, during the time they will also fix or replace gutters and downpipes if there is any fault is found.

Step 5:  Installing building blanket

Making sure that everything is repaired and replace carefully, the crew installs a sheet for building insulation, and also they plan for ventilation as well as a skylight.  Building insulation which is also known as Anticon, these are used for fitting in between the purlins and roof. The main idea behind fitting is for keeping your house warm during winter seasons and cool during summer days.  However, Skylights are for making a natural warmth and brightness.

Step 6: Installing a new roof

Roof & Wall Doctor in Perth registered building company who install tie downs which are appropriate and needed. These tie downs are connected to the structure of the roof to the walls that you have now.  Everything is done as per specifications that are given by structural engineer. Also, the tie downs will be selected according to the type of walls that you have. The next step is to install new roof sheets. 

Step 7:  Final Clean up and removing dirt

After finishing the work and installation, the team will clean all the mess. Also, the crew will do the necessary clean-up and make sure to return your property as new as ever.  The crew also remove all dirt, rubbish and debris like eliminates from your property. The roof installation will be complete after you are satisfied with the services.

Roof & Wall Doc: Services Roof replacement in Perth

The company is working and providing roof replacement servicesin Perth for the last 34 years.  Roof & Wall Doc offers the most fantastic quality in roof replacing, professional services and installation. Their customer support is friendly and easy for the clients.  Also, the company is providing the team who are not experts but also experience and capable of maintaining different issues.

For FREE advice or quotes in all areas
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