Council Permits

Registered and Approved Roofing Specialists

The law in Western Australia stipulates that roof replacement works in metropolitan and regional areas cannot proceed until a building permit has been applied for and approved. If you do not have an approved project, approved workers and all necessary permits, you are unnecessarily risking legal penalties. This is particularly important if you are planning on selling your home in the future as any unapproved building projects may cause legal complications. Fortunately, the laws are relatively simple and The Roof & Wall Doctor is happy to assist with Council permits and approval issues.


What You Need

Make sure you have considered all of the following before getting started.

  • All metropolitan area roof replacement require building permits and Council approval.
  • All jobs in excess of $20,000 (inc GST) must be carried out by a Registered Building Company.
  • As a Registered Builder (No. 13172) we are required by law to take out an insurance policy to cover the client against default by the builder for the 6 years following completion.
  • Applications to Council for projects over $20,000 (inc GST) will not be accepted without the appropriate insurance.

How We Can Help

The Roof & Wall Doctor can make sure everything is covered.

  • We will coordinate all documentation, including a Structural Engineer’s Tie Down detail as required by the Council, and lodge the building permit application on your behalf.

  • Should your job be in excess of $20,000 (inc GST) we will take out the appropriate Home Indemnity Insurance on your behalf, required by law and protecting you against builder default for 6 years following completion.


Council permits, insurance requirements and legislation can be a headache, but we can handle it all from start to finish. As roofing specialists with over 34 years of experience, more than 4000 jobs completed and a strong record of customer satisfaction, we have become very good at what we do. The legal issues, insurance concerns and Council permits are all part of the territory, and something that we are happy to take care of for you.

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