Wall Restoration and Tuckpointing in Perth

Rising Damp Solutions, Wall Restoration and Tuckpointing in Perth

Wall restoration is a specialised service that usually applies to older brick, limestone or stone houses. If you have got any wall problems, from a deteriorating façade to rising damp problems, we can take care of it.

The exact solution will depend on the nature of the problem, so the first step is calling us for a free quote. The Doc will visit the site, assess the situation and determine a plan of action. The actual process depends on what we are trying to accomplish, and might involve the combination of several techniques.

Tucking Point Perth


Perth’s unique climate and its stark contrasts of weather mean that older buildings will often suffer from mortar deterioration, where the filling between bricks has started to crumble away. Modern techniques have adapted to this, and will achieve a much more permanent result, but many older homes do not have the same advantage, particularly where tuckpointing is involved.

Tuckpointing is the art of using two different mortar colours, one of which matches the brickwork. The same-coloured mortar is used around the actual brickwork to create the effect of very fine joints and extremely close brickwork. It is just as strong, thorough and effective as anything else, but is generally considered to look better. The Roof & Wall Doctor is often called on to restore tuckpointing to its former glory and ensure that it will not start falling apart again.


Repointing is the process of reapplying mortar to the seams between bricks and stone walls where the old pointing has started crumbling away. A lot of issues with rising damp, salt damage and wall leakage can be prevented or fixed with repointing. When we do repointing, we always consider a number of issues:

  • A good match between the new and old mortar. This prevents any visual oddities, while also ensuring the strongest and most effective bond.
  • Material compatibility. Certain combinations might produce unnatural corrosion, flaking or crumbling. This is sometimes the result of contractors failing to conduct adequate analysis of pre-existing mortars.
  • Ideal curing time. Depending on the weather that day, the thickness of the wall and several other factors, the new mortar might need to be applied in layers, with a curing time for each. This is one of the areas where experience makes a big difference.

Rising Damp Solutions

Rising damp is what happens when moisture gets trapped inside the walls, damaging a building from the inside out. It can lead to fungal growth in timber, rusting of metal fasteners, mould, unpleasant smells and structural damage. Finding an effective rising damp solution is all about getting to the root of the problem.

Put simply, we will repair any damage while establishing where the moisture is entering, and prevent it from happening in the future. In most cases, but certainly not all of them, the main issue is that the damp proof course is damaged or missing. This is what ordinarily prevents groundwater from being drawn up through porous walls. Here, we reinstate it with the drilling of and injection of damp cure siliconate, or other methods such as diamond cutting the mortar join and inserting a new metal damp proof course.

For healthy walls and effective rising damp solutions, call The Roof & Wall Doctor. We have over 34 years of experience and an exceptional record of satisfaction across over 4000 jobs.


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