Heritage Restoration

Perth’s Roof and Wall Heritage Restoration Experts

We are one of Western Australia’s most experienced heritage restoration specialists and have won a number of related awards . Because this is one of our core fields, we are fully licensed, accredited to the highest standards and possess an enormous range of experience across all heritage re-roofing and wall restoration services. Call us to get fully qualified and highly experienced restoration professionals.

Our Heritage Restoration Projects

The National Trust of Australia is the association responsible for overseeing Australia’s culturally and historically significant buildings. The major requirement to restore a National Trust building is to remove all alterations that have been incorrectly added, and to restore the building to its former glory using only heritage consistent materials. Some of the better known landmarks we have restored include:

  • The Perth Observatory
  • The Old Christ’s Church in Mandurah
  • Perth Town Hall
  • Wickepin Police Station
  • Tranby House in Maylands
  • Gwambygine Homestead in York

Work on all of these buildings was carried out completely in line with recognised heritage restoration practices and regulations, under the supervision of National Trust Architects.

What Makes Heritage Restoration Different?

When a building reaches a certain age, or achieves a level of cultural or historical significance, it becomes registered as a heritage structure. From this point, all renovation work must be done in line with the building’s traditional aesthetic values. Sometimes this means removing inconsistent and clumsily-added later additions, using era-appropriate materials and techniques, or doing renovations and adding modern functionalities like air conditioning without detracting from the structure’s traditional aesthetics or damaging particular features.

Because it is a specialised field, it requires specifically skilled workers and often calls for traditional techniques and special materials. Many wall restoration and roofing contractors are not qualified or licensed to perform these jobs.

The Roof & Wall Doctor is, however. We have the accreditations, experience and commitment to ensure that all heritage roofing and other restorations are carried out to the highest standards and with the utmost respect to tradition. This is why a number of major institutions and government entities have made us their building restoration service provider.

We are the only ones who can offer over 30 years of experience and 4000+ jobs completed with a very high satisfaction rate.

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