Roof Scams – What You Need to Know

2015 saw a spike in the number and sophistication of roof-repair/roof-replacement scams within Perth and surrounding areas. The usual modus operandi is to target elderly, vulnerable residents with asbestos roofs and offer quick, inexpensive replacements. The scammers were also known to climb onto people’s roofs, damage them, and then offer to repair them. Once the money was in hand, however, these scammers would never return.

You can’t always avoid being a target, but you can prevent yourself being taken advantage of by remembering these things:

  1. The law states that only a 6% deposit can be requested. The Roof & Wall Doctor takes no deposit.
  2. Ask to see a tradesperson’s ABN, Insurances and Qualification Tickets.
  3. Ask for addresses of previous homes they have re-roofed/restored so you can do a drive-by/knock on that person’s door.
  4. The Home Builder’s Contract Act states that a builder must provide you with a copy of the Notice to Homeowner prior to you agreeing to any building work. Ask for it.
  5. If you feel in the least way uncomfortable, intimidated, or rushed, close the door and report the incident to local authorities.

For free advice and quotes throughout Perth and the Wheatbelt contact The Doc on (08) 9430 6553. You’ll be dealing with the owner of The Roof & Wall Doctor, not a salesperson.

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